The name and symbol of the workshop are not trivial, it is a logical continuation:

First of all, is about a little owl (Athene Noctua), which, in ancient times, was the symbol of the goddess Athena. The daughter of Zeus was the goddess of craftsmanship but also wisdom

"Wisdom" from ancient greec σοφία, who's mean "Sofia".
Sofia, is my first name and the "S" of "Shazak".

For "Ha" and "Zak" it's the contraction of my two last names.

The circle is complete. 


In a modern society where everything goes fast and is replaced quickly, the craft comes against the current.


What could be simpler than buying new after a breakage or a deterioration? Only here, the life and quality are not the same. For an object that lasts, it takes time to manufacture. The smallest details are important.


An object made by a craftsman has a soul of its own. It is the result of your idea and many hours of achievements by the craftsman, with the greatest respect for the materials used.


The goal of the house is to bring you a unique product, which looks like you, as you dreamed. Whether it is equestrian equipment, a belt, a bag, a bracelet, a motorcycle saddle, etc .. there is no limit to imagination and personalization.

For a quality object, the choice of raw materials is crucial. That's why I carefully select my materials, from leather to single thread, for a solid and durable object, adapted to its use.

It's also possible to work leather ethically. I decided not to work with exotic leathers because they are often endangered species and are only used for their skin. Moreover, with the new technological processes, it is quite possible to have the same effect on bovine skins; these skins are mainly from food slaughter.


I make a point of honor to limit waste and reuse the packaging of my suppliers.

Cartons in good condition are reused for the shipping of the products, the packaging of the skins (kraft paper or plastic tarpaulin) are exploited in dyeing protection, the plastic bags of buckery are yielded to a company which exploit themt. 

I limit the use of paper by sending invoices, quotes and certificates of authenticity by email.


Sofia Haccoun-Zakabloukowa
Art craftsman, saddler graduated from Compagnons du Devoir.

Founder of Atelier Shazak and Swiss army knife with options (list not exhaustive): craftsman, prototypist, designer, sewing mechanic, boss, employee, accountant, taxes expert, buyer, commercial, trainer, delivery man, community manager, photographer, copywriter, web master, etc.


Because if you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together ..
Thanks to them ..

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7 Avenue de Fouilleuse


92210 - France

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